Meeting Minutes for October 2015

The October 2015 meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Kevin Stremlau. He welcomed a big crowd of 56 members and 9 guests. Visiting guests tonight were Todd & Patty Sage, Becky Hughes, David & Carrie Dintelman, Garwin & Tena Shane, and Wayne & Roxanne Minor. Kevin wished Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to members celebrating in October. 

Secretary’s Report – September 14, 2015 meeting minutes as printed in the Newsletter were reviewed with no corrections. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept.  

Treasurer’s Report – MICC Treasurer, Mourina Sweet, gave the report for August including a detailed breakdown of all transactions. A copy was passed around for everyone to review. There were no questions, motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. It is available for members to review at any time by contacting Mourina.

Activities & Apparel – Elaine went over upcoming events. On 10, 2015 the Hound & Hare drive will be repeated just for fun, for those that didn’t find your way before. 11/14, 2015 meet N eat is at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, please sign up. Volunteers are needed for Salvation Army Ringing of the Bells on 11/21; 11/28; and 12/19th for 2 hour shifts at the Bass Pro Shop. If you want to sign up for events, please contact Elaine. For a tentative schedule of events, we encourage our members to review the full list in our club newsletter, or on the MICC website under Activities.  

Membership – We had 8 new members and 4 past members join tonight. They are: Garwin & Tena Shane, Wayne & Roxanne Minor, David & Carrie Dintelman, Patty & Todd Sage. Past members were Becky Hughes, Laurie Hanson, Lisa Jones, and Linda Gilmore. This now brings our club to a total of 144 members. MICC is #9 in the NCCC Midwest Region.  

Newsletter – Mourina stated the submission deadline for newsletter information is the 25th of the month. Please provide a picture of your car for the cover of the newsletter, or photos of club events or trips. Please email them to both Mourina and Kevin. We are missing approximately 47 photos of members/cars.

Webmaster –Activities webpage has been updated. Thank you Dave White.

Governor’s Report –Governor’s report was printed in the September newsletter. There has been a rumor that the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park race track is closing due to noise problems – not true since all issues have been resolved.  

Old Business – Kevin presented a draft – Condolences Procedure and asked for input. It is proposed that we vote on it at the November meeting, but it is a living document and could be updated at any time. It is not intended to be added to the bylaws, but could be added in the future. It was also mentioned that the Governor needs to be informed of deaths of members in order to notify the NCCC. Notice to Sandy will be made when the members are notified via email.  

New Business – Following some inquiries about the nomination/election process, Kevin drafted a Nomination Committee Procedure, based on elements of both our by-laws and past procedures. Kevin requested input and we will review and discuss at the November meeting. Governor Sandy Arnold requested that we move the counting of ballots to an earlier date so that a new officer list can be submitted to the NCCC at the same time as the new membership list is mailed. This would require a by-laws next spring. An additional note: Harry Sweet is the club’s Registered Agent with the State of IL for our “General Not for Profit” status as a social/charity club. Cost of filing is $10 annually and the filing must be signed by a Board Officer.

Program – none.

Announcements – Wristbands and lanyards are still available. There is a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
 11/7/15, sponsored by the Illinois Valley Fuller Center for Housing in Pekin, from 4-7 pm at Goodfella’s Pizza in Pekin, IL. Proceeds provide Central Illinois Veterans with help with home repairs, furnace safety checks, etc. MICC is selling Dining Tour coupon books. Books are available for $30 each as a fundraiser to support the St. Jude Corvette Drive.  For each book sold, the club gets $10. Sandy Arnold made and donated a beautiful Christmas Quilt to be raffled. Proceeds go to the Shoe Fund. Raffle tickets are available at the Nov and Dec club meetings. $5 each or 3 for $10. Quilt drawing will be at the Dec club meeting. Thank you Sandy.

Trivia and 50/50 – Trivia question: In what year was the convertible style introduced with a separate trunk with outside access? This was the first such body configuration for Corvette since 1962.  A) 1998     B) 1997     C) 1996     D) 1995  

The correct answer was A) 1998, and was worth $30.  An incorrect answer from Bob Picton will make trivia worth $40 next month. 
The 50/50 drawing was worth $65 tonight and was won by Jim Dunlap. Jim donated it back to the Shoe Fund. Thanks Jim.

Adjournment – A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Peggy Karnes
As edited by Kevin Stremlau