President’s Comments for November 2015

A time of THANKSGIVING…yes, thanks to everyone for joining in the fun of some great fall events with record attendance at both the Fall Wiener Roast and the Fall Color Run. We’ve been blessed by an influx of 18 new members in just the last two months. Although we will have some attrition due to the current year members in memoriam, the latest addition brings our total membership to 144. Three years ago I challenged us with a bold goal of 150 members and we’re almost there. Let’s keep this momentum going! Our progress is not only totally awesome, but it’s a great testament to our membership’s promotion and recruitment efforts for the betterment of the club. The greater our numbers, the greater our diversity and strength! I hereby issue a challenge with a new bold goal of 200. With everyone’s help, we can do it!!!

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email at kev09vette@gmail.com or give me a call at 309-648-3043, with constructive comments or questions.

Kevin Stremlau