Meeting Minutes for December 2015

The December 2015 meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by club President Kevin Stremlau. He welcomed a big crowd of 54 members and 7 guests in attendance. The guests tonight were Jimmy Lowry, Joe Lowry, Jerry (& Shirley) Metz, Bruce Bennett, Rick Corbin, & Larry Mooney. Welcome all and hope you come back. Kevin wished Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to those celebrating these in December. Bob Hoffer’s birthday was on December 5, not Ev’s. Ev & Bob’s 52nd Anniversary is December 26th. Congratulations. President Stremlau wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Secretary’s Report – The November 9, 2015 meeting minutes as printed in the Newsletter were reviewed with no corrections. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept.

Treasurer’s Report – MICC Treasurer, Mourina Sweet, gave the report for October 31, 2015 including a detailed breakdown of all transactions. A copy was passed around for review. There were no questions. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept as presented.

Activities & Apparel – Incoming activities Chairman, Jim Gehrig went over the activities in January and talked about the new website set to launch in January 2016. Jim and his grandson Trey have developed it and Jim has paid the fee for the new website. There is a Meet & Eat on January 17th to show you how to use the new website on your phone, tablet, or laptop. In the future, minutes will be posted to the website within 1 week after the meeting. Jim stated that there are only 11 club households that don’t have (email) technology and that they will be sure to keep them informed. If you want to sign up for outings and events, please contact Jim Gehrig at 309-246-4691. We will be communicating via e-mail when the new website is assigned to the final URL address. When that happens, we will encourage our members to review the full list of activities on-line.  

Membership – Tracy Adamson asked members to please provide their current information so she can update the membership directory. We had 3 new members join tonight. They are Jimmy Lowry, Joe Lowry, and Bruce Bennett, which brings our 2015 year end count to 147…Woo hoo! Our 2016 member count will drop by 9 that are not rejoining (3 in-memoriam plus 6 others). President Stremlau reminded everyone that he has set our new membership goal at 200.

Newsletter – Submission deadline for newsletter information is 25th of the month. Moe commented that we will provide printed copies of the newsletter through March 2016. After that, the newsletter will be on the website for your review. We will provide hard copies of the newsletter to Uftring’s and those that do not have internet access. Moe also stated that there is an insert in this newsletter regarding the upcoming St Jude Drive. If you are interested in participating in the Drive, meeting information is provided in the newsletter under the activities section. Please provide a picture of you and your car, or photos of club events. Please send them to Mourina, Kevin, and Jim Gehrig. There’s approximately 47 members/cars that we don’t have photos of.

Webmaster – Kevin thanked Dave White for his duties as webmaster and his  support with the old website. Jim Gehrig stated Don Karnes agreed to work on the website along with Jim, Moe and Trey (Jim Gehrig’s grandson).

Governor’s Report – Governor Sandy Arnold asked Kevin for the club to donate 100 MICC wristbands for FCOA’s 25th Anniversary. She also requested we use a microphone so that members in the back of the room can hear better. Sandy reported that she submitted a request that NCCC support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as their charity at the last governor’s meeting. NCCC has supported the Kidney Foundation, Spina Bifida, the Heart Association, and others in the past.

Old Business – Our annual Shoe Fund event was held December 11th. 25 kids from Pleasant Hill Grade School were transported to Payless Shoes on University via the generosity of City Link and their Vintage bus. The President of the Amalgamated Union took up a collection and presented the club with $140 to help with the shoe fund. The kids were all provided with new socks and allowed to pick out a new pair of shoes or boots. Several volunteers from the club who helped Moe & Harry Sweet, were Kathee Hayes, Pam Morris, Ev Hoffer, Pam Kimble and her granddaughter, Jim Gehrig, and Peggy Karnes. With money left over Moe was able to purchase 15 more pair of shoes, underwear, and sweat outfits for the school to have on hand as needed by other little ones. And the icing on the cake was a random stranger pulling up and after asking what we were doing, handed Harry Sweet a $100 donation for the cause and drove away without leaving his name! There really are miracles. Elaine suggested that we submit an article in the Journal Star Random Acts of Kindness. Moe said she would take care of that, and Kathee Hayes said she would reach out to channel 25 and Libby Allison to provide her the information about MICC helping Pleasant Hill school kids for her ‘bright spot’ segment.

We have 2 Dining Books available. They were donated to the club and if sold we’d keep the full $30 each. This money is for the St. Jude Drive fundraiser to be a recognized sponsor of the Drive. Kevin announced that he heard from Andrew Black, President of the St. Jude Drive that we will receive sponsorship for the drive with a $1000 donation. Sponsorship would include a sticker on the support vehicles of the run/ride/drive events with MICC name on it, recognition at St Jude events and a link to our website when you look at the St Jude website.

Sandy Arnold made a beautiful Christmas Quilt, which was raffled off at tonight’s meeting. It was won by Jim & Gloria Gehrig. $190 was raised from the sale of raffle tickets and the money was donated to the Shoe fund. THANK YOU SANDY!!

New Business – Bob Picton made a motion that since the club treasury is in good standing that we form a committee to investigate the feasibility to lower the MICC portion of club dues from $36 to the $24 amount of approximately 5 years ago. Roger Kasky seconded it. A vote was taken of members present; it was defeated – 19 yes and 26 no.

Gary Uftring congratulated the club on an outstanding year! The leadership of the board and the engagement of the membership has achieved significant accomplishments and growth.

Program – Kevin presented each out-going board officer with a framed Certificate of Appreciation for their years of service, including Peggy Karnes – Secretary, John Morris -Vice President, and Elaine Kasky – Activities. Elaine received a special gold certificate for her incredible 17 years of dedicated service!

Announcements – Moe reminded club members that the first meeting for the St. Jude Corvette Drive is February 16, 2016 at Uftring’s in Washington. New drivers please come at 5:00 pm., otherwise 6:00 pm for all ‘veteran’ drivers.

Members were reminded to help ring bells at Bass Pro Shop for the Salvation Army on Saturday December 19th from 10:30 am – 4 pm.

Trivia and 50/50 – Trivia question: What year was the Corvette color Polo White last used?      A) 1957     B) 1958     C) 1959    D) 1960.

The correct answer was A) 1957 and was worth $10. No one answered correctly. Next month trivia will be worth $20. The 50/50 drawing,  for $38 was won by Dick Hayes. He donated his winnings to the shoe fund. Thank you Dick!

Adjournment – A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peggy Karnes

As edited by Kevin Stremlau