Meeting Minutes for December 2016

The December 12, 2016 meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by club president Kevin Stremlau. There were 49 members and 1 guest present. The guest tonight was Rich Anderson. Welcome all!! We are still pursuing our goal of 200 members – can we make it happen?? The club does a lot of charity work; most recently the Ringing of the Bells for the Salvation Army, and Moe and her helpers will take the kids from Pleasant Hill School shoe shopping this week. John Haase introduced 2 employees from Uftring that have had health issues this past year – Jon Downing & Jim Weber. They each expressed their gratitude to the club for their thoughts, prayers, and monetary support. Both have had some setbacks, but are currently doing well. Kevin wished Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating in December.

Secretary’s Report – The November 2016 meeting minutes as posted on the website were reviewed with no corrections. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept. 

Treasurer’s Report – MICC Treasurer, Mourina Sweet, gave the treasurer’s report for November 30, 2016 including a detailed breakdown of all transactions. There were no questions. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept as presented. 

Activities – Jim Gehrig reminded everyone of the next meet-n-eat at Avanti’s on January 14th at 5. Jim presented a check for $200 from Kep’s for St. Jude. If anyone has any suggestions for trips for 2017 let Jim know.
Membership – Tracy reported that we currently have 187 members in 105 households, but will lose 7 of those members at the end of the year. Tracy will be sending out a new directory of our members this week. We will start the new year with 180 members.  

Newsletter – Please send all information for the Newsletter to Moe Sweet by the 25th of the month. 

Webmaster – Check the web often!!

Governor’s Report – Sandy Arnold was absent but asked Kevin to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Program – None. 

Old Business – The club sold Dining Out books again this year with proceeds being donated to secure the club as an official sponsor of the St. Jude Drive. With 70 books sold, the club made $1,050. Thanks to all who purchased a book! Gary Uftring expressed his thanks to all for the support for Jonathon & Jim, and to other club members with health issues, and his pride in being associated with the club. Kevin thanked Gary for his sponsorship and all he does for the club.
New Business – None.

Announcements – Linda Picton announced that Dale Nelson and Elaine Kasky are currently undergoing health problems & she asked that they be kept in your thoughts and prayers. Condolences to Bob & Ev Hoffer on the unexpected death of their 47 yr old daughter.
Trivia and 50/50 – John was absent tonight so the Trivia question was not presented. The January trivia question correct answer has a value of $40.

The 50/50 drawing was for $51.00 tonight and was won by Jimmy Lowry, who donated it back to the shoe fund. Thanks Jimmy!

Adjournment – A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:41 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marilyn Carls, MICC Secretary