Items of Interest for March 2016

March 2016 will be the last month we will be printing the newsletter. Only homes without internet service will continue to receive newsletters in the mail.

Please contact Tracy Adamson, Membership Chairperson, with change of address information to update mailing lists.

Activity sign-up sheets will still be available at the meetings and on email calendar invites. 

Corvette Club jackets are available by special order. See the Apparel page for photos of the jacket. Contact Elaine Kasky for more details. Your price is only $32.50 plus tax. Gary Uftring, MICC sponsor, generously pays the other half of the jacket cost of $32.50.

We have a lot of new members in the club which means new names and faces. If you see a new member please introduce yourself and make everyone feel welcome!

Let’s all make an effort to wear our name tags to meetings and events. If you are not wearing your name tag on a lanyard then please wear it on the right side of your shirt or jacket. This way when you reach out your right hand to shake hands, your eyes travel up the other person’s right arm to his shoulder – directly to his name tag.

To keep the website current, the deadline to submit articles for the newsletter is the first week following the regularly scheduled meeting. Items received after that will be held over for the next month. Please send items of interest and pictures to be put in newsletter or on the website to msweet6417@att.net.

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