President’s Comments for July 2016

When you’re hot, you’re hot! And oooh baby, the MICC is hot-hot-hot!!! We’ve got a smokin’ hot website, a smokin’ hot lineup of club events, and a smokin’ hot membership that’s growing like a cloud of white smoke off the rear tires of a Corvette! We’ve cranked up both our charity fund raising and our event participation levels, but most of all, we’re having fun!!! Just ask any of those who went to our meet-n-eats, auto-crosses, Corvette Adventures, or Bloomington Gold. If you haven’t experienced these, you’re definitely missing out. So,  sign up and you too can join the fun and make new friends.
I’d like to thank our 2017 Nominating Committee volunteers, Luanne Stremlau, Pam Morris and Bruce Adamson for stepping up to help in the first step of our annual election process. I ask all club members to please consider running for an office.  
If you have any constructive input or questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at kev09vette@gmail.com or give me call 309-648-3043.
Save the wave!!! (Burnouts optional)
Kevin Stremlau