July 2016 Meeting Minutes

The July 11, 2016 meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by club President Kevin Stremlau. There were 68 members and 8 guests present. The guests tonight were Greg Guth, Mike & Mary Watts, Duane Kapp, Jessica Lowry, William Johnson, Ron Ivory & John Mixon. Welcome all!! Kevin said the club is hot-hot-hot with our website, our club events & our growing membership!! He wished Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all members who are celebrating in July. He also welcomed Amy Jones, a former St. Jude patient, who accepted the check of $7,918.53 from the proceeds of the car show for the St. Jude Runners. Amy was very appreciative of the donation. His final statement: Hit the road and have fun!

Secretary’s Report – The June 2016 meeting minutes as printed in the Newsletter were reviewed with no corrections. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept. Kevin had reminded everyone to go online & read the minutes before the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – MICC Treasurer, Mourina Sweet, gave the report for May 31, 2016 including a detailed breakdown of all transactions. A copy was passed around for all members to review. There were no questions. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept as presented.

Activities – Activities Chairman Jim Gehrig gave an overview of the web and the activities that are planned: July 17 – I Spy A Wish, July 21 – the 3 day trip to Bowling Green to visit the factory & museum, then to Nashville to the Opry Mills Mall, Aug 6 – Aurelio’s for dinner, then the Metro Car Show, Aug 12 – cruise to the Quad Cities & Circa 21 dinner show with a stop at the John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour on the return trip on Sunday. There are currently 49 people signed up for Vettes on the River on Aug 27. Jim is looking for a volunteer to lead the group to Funfest in Effingham in September if anyone is interested. The Christmas party is scheduled for Dec 3rd at WeaverRidge. Check the website for all the fun activities that are planned, and check your email invites for complete information.

Membership– Linda Picton signed up 8 new members at the meeting: Michael & Mary Watts, John & Kelly Mixon, Duane & Gail Kapp, and Ron & Nancy Ivory. This brings our membership total to 168 in 94 households!

Newsletter– None.

Webmaster– Check the web often!!

Governor’s Report– None.

Program– None.

Old Business– None.

New Business– Roger Stone suggested that if anyone has old trophies, ribbons etc., that they donate them to the Fondulac Farm Park. They have a program for handicapped children where they can ride horses and participate in events. The joy that this activity brings to these kids is amazing. Tom Stanessastated that his wife, Agnetta is on the Board of Directors and agreed that it was an amazing organization. So if you have old trophies or ribbons that could be given to a good cause, you can either take them to the park, or get a hold of Roger & he will pick them up and deliver them for you – or bring them to the next meeting & give to Roger. Kevin brought up the need for a portable sound system to be used at the meetings. He thanked Rex & Sue McMorris who donated the one we had, but it is no longer working. Kevin asked for a motion to approve funds up to $800 for a new system. A motion was made, seconded, but a vote was never taken. Kevin has researched several different models and showed examples: a wireless system for $470, a non-wireless system for $400, and one with more options for $700. He recommended the $470 system. There was much discussion about whether a new system was necessary and it was recommended that we table the discussion until the next meeting. It was suggested that Jim Ortiz, who is very familiar with sound systems, get with Kevin and discuss it. Sue McMorris asked if we would want to sell the Dining Out books again this year. The books sell for $30, with the club receiving $10 for each one sold. Last year we sold 55 – if we sell 70, the profit would increase to $12/book. This fundraiser goes towards our full sponsorship of the St. Jude Corvette Drive. A motion was made to sell the books again this year, seconded and approved by the members.

Announcements– Jim Gehrig still has some 8 x 10 photos of members and their cars taken before recent trips. He asks for a $5.00 donation to cover cost of printing and framing.

Trivia and 50/50– Trivia question: What was the last year of the solid rear axle Corvettes and the last year for the power top on the convertible? A) 1959 B) 1962 C) 1964 D) 1967. The correct answer was B) 1962, and was worth $10. George Taylor answered correctly and donated it back to the St. Jude Drive fund. Thanks George!

The 50/50 drawing was for $54.00 tonight and was won by Bob Picton, who donated it back to the shoe fund. Thank you Bob!

Adjournment – A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:28 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marilyn Carls