August 2016 Meeting Minutes

The August 8, 2016 meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by club President Kevin Stremlau. There were 64 members and 5 guests present. The guests tonight were Greg Guth, Rob Johnson & Lara Aaron, and Joe Laverdiere & Susan Heynen. Welcome all!! Kevin commented on the new layout for the meetings and asked members that want to talk to either go to the waiting area or outdoors out of respect to fellow members. He reminded us that we are all volunteers and need to work together to make the club successful as a “first class” organization. He wished Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all members who are celebrating in August, with special congratulations to Rex & Sue McMorris who will celebrate their 50th anniversary on August 20th! 

Secretary’s Report – The July 2016 meeting minutes as printed in the Newsletter were reviewed with no corrections. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept. 

Treasurer’s Report – MICC Treasurer, Mourina Sweet, gave the report for June 30, 2016 including a detailed breakdown of all transactions. There were no questions. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept as presented. 

Activities – Activities Chairman Jim Gehrig gave an overview of the activities that are planned: Quad Cities for the upcoming weekend Aug 13/14, Aug 20th will be the drive to Monticello for a 1 hr guided tour of the Allerton Park Gardens, visit the Railroad Museum and the steam engine train ride, Aug 27th is Vettes on the River (remember to print your registration), Sept 11th is the cruise to Z Best. David Bowles will lead the Mid-America Funfest in Sept if anyone is interested. Check the website for all the fun activities that are planned, and check your email invites for complete information.

Membership – Tracy Adamson signed up 5 new members at the meeting: Joe Laverdiere & Susan Heynen, Greg Guth, and Rob Johnson & Lara Aaron. This brings our membership total to 173 in 97 households! According to Blue Bars, we are only 25 members away from being the largest club in the Midwest.

Newsletter – Please make sure all information for the Newsletter is sent to Mourina by the 25th of the month. If you have pictures you would like included in the printed version of the newsletter, please e-mail them to Moe msweet6417@att.net.

Webmaster – Check the web often!!

Governor’s Report – Sandy reported that tickets for the NCCC raffle are available. Tickets are $50 each with a limit of 2000 tickets being sold. The raffle prize is a certificate valued at $54,000 for a new Corvette or a cash offer of $40,000.

Program – Kevin and several other club members went to Road America in WI and had a great time, with a Corvette winning the race!! It was asked if it could be a club event in the future and Kevin suggested that it be brought to the attention of the activity chairman. 

Old Business – Kevin opened the floor for nominations for Board positions. There were no nominations. There will be a ballot since there is a position with 2 nominees. Running for office are: President – Kevin Stremlau, Vice-president – David Bowles & Richard Doro, Secretary – Marilyn Carls, Membership – Tracy Adamson, Treasurer – Mourina Sweet, Activities chairman – Jim Gehrig. Sandy Arnold will remain as Governor to fulfill her 2 year term. The ballot for voting will be available at the September meeting. If you do not pick up your ballot it will be mailed to you. All ballots must be returned by October 15th with the results being announced at the November meeting. Kevin asked if there was any trouble with people hearing him with the new layout, no one had a problem. He stated that Uftring’s is willing to buy more chairs if needed as they want us to remain in their venue. Our new member, Rob Johnson, donated the amp that we used which worked well. It was asked if we would purchase additional microphones that could be passed around the room. Jim Ortiz said he could pick up 2 additional ones when they go on sale. A motion was made, seconded and approved for the purchase of 2 new microphones. A suggestion was made that a clip-on mic be purchased for the president to use – Jim Ortiz stated it would be costly, but he could check into the cost. Pam Morris said we need to sign up by September 1st for “Ringing the Bells” for the Salvation Army. Kevin asked if she would sign up the club for 3 different sessions. Last year the club raised $1,452.21 and won 1st place in the social club category! Roger Stone reminded members that they can still donate their old trophies to the Fondulac Park Riding Stables program. John Haase gave a report on the 2 Uftring employees that have had some serious health issues and thanked the club for the donation they gave several months back. His step-son, Jonathan Downing, had a successful stem cell transplant, and is back to work full-time. Jim Weber had a double lung transplant which was successful; however he developed an airway infection which is now being treated. Kevin read a thank you note from the St. Jude Drive office thanking the club for their donation of $1100. The St. Jude Drive raised $155,000 in May 2016.
New Business – It was brought up to the club about ordering shirts and hats/visors that members can purchase to wear when we attend events as a group so we are more recognizable. If you want a hat for $15, they asked that you pay for it at the meeting to place your order. There was a vote taken if members wanted to be able to order shirts, it was a unanimous yes. They will get some samples to show. When asked about the cost, they said they would try to keep it under $30. A member asked if we would be ordering new jackets and was told no. The apparel committee will not be ordering new jackets at this time.  The old style and color club jackets can still be ordered thru Elaine Kasky.

Announcements – Sue McMorris announced that the Dining Out books are available for $30, with $10 coming back to the club. If we sell 70 books, $12 comes back to the club. The books from last year expire 10/31/16, and the new ones can be used immediately until 10/31/17. 
Trivia and 50/50 – Trivia question:  The “Sting Ray” name was not used for one year but returned the next year spelled “Stingray” as one word. What year did it return as “Stingray”?  A) 1963   B) 1965   C) 1967   D) 1969.  

The correct answer was D) 1969, and was worth $10. Bob Hoffer answered correctly and donated it back to the shoe fund. Thanks Bob!

The 50/50 drawing was for $69.00 tonight and was won by Marilyn Carls, who donated it back to the shoe fund. Thank you Marilyn!

Adjournment – A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:14 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marilyn Carls