President’s Comments for August 2016

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa.

The success of our MICC doesn’t just happen automatically. It’s the result of our participating member’s dedicated service, hard work, and sometimes patient perseverance to execute and deliver real results that range from our car show to our website and everything in between. We are all volunteers trying our best to help continuously improve our club. That’s why our growth, which brings diversity of talent, perspective and renewed energy is so important. Most importantly, we must be able to work together and that requires TEAMWORK .With diversity, it’s also clearly documented in history that teamwork can from time to time be very challenging due to differences of opinion. That’s OK, because we are each entitled to our opinion. That’s why we emphasize to everyone that this is NOT my club, it’s NOT the Board’s club, it’s NOT our Sponsor’s club, but rather it’s ALL of our Member’s club! This means that before we take action on almost everything, it is first presented to and voted on by the members.

In that process, we sometimes have spirited and passionate, but normally very good discussion. To keep it that way, it is very important to remind all members that in order for our club to continue to be successful we must maintain our mutual respect to each other and be objectively constructive with our interactions. To affirm the opposite, history has also documented that subjective and emotional driven opinion usually renders no value and many times causes harm. Please understand that to advance an idea from concept to implementation, we need a plan with enough definition to allow our members to clearly understand it before it can be evaluated and voted on. So I encourage all to maintain calm, listen and learn, stay positive, participate with confidence but have humility, and remember mutual respect develops only if we are respectful. If our club applies these basic principles to everything we do, we WILL CONTINUE OUR SUCCESS as a “first class” organization.

In that spirit, I encourage everyone to get involved, make friends, recruit new members, help others, and most of all HAVE FUN!!! And as always, if you have any constructive input or questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at kev09vette@gmail.com or give me a call at 309-648-3043.

Save the wave!!! (Burnouts optional)

Kevin Stremlau

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