Board Meeting Minutes for January 2017

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club
January 9, 2017
Board Meeting Minutes

The Board meeting was called to order by President Kevin Stremlau at 6:05 pm at Uftrings. He welcomed our new Vice President David Bowles, along with the returning board members: Mourina Sweet, Jim Gehrig, Sandy Arnold, Tracy Adamson and Marilyn Carls.

Kevin handed out the agenda for this board meeting and the Proposed 2017 Budget. In addition, he handed out two different proposals for our general meetings with recommended time slots for each presentation. The meeting proceeded according to the agenda.

2017 Budget – Kevin reminded the board that the proposed budget can be revised as needed. It was brought up that money was spent on both the Valentine’s Dinner and the Christmas Party, which had not been allocated for in the budget. The budget had a proposed amount, but was not listed in the total budget. Therefore, it was an oversight by the committees organizing the events that money had not been approved. It was agreed upon by all board members to include these expenses in the budget for the coming year.

2017 Charities – We currently have five charities that we support: St. Jude’s Drive Sponsorship, St. Jude’s Runner Car Show, Shoe Fund, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and the St. Jude’s Ride. Jim Gehrig will lead the St. Jude’s Car Show Committee; the Shoe Fund will be organized by Mourina; and John & Pam Morris will lead the Salvation Army Bell Ringing.

Monthly meeting agenda – Kevin presented the board two different agendas for keeping the monthly meetings to one hour or less. If we each adhere to our time slots allotted we should have no problem.

Annual treasury audit – The annual treasury audit needs two volunteers to work with Mourina. Sandy Arnold and Marilyn Carls volunteered.

Board meetings – It was suggested that we have four board meetings per year. These can either be held before a regular monthly meeting or at a specified time if something comes up that needs to be discussed, but should be held quarterly. Kevin also suggested that we appoint Harry Sweet as Sergeant of Arms/Business Agent. It was agreed that this position would be announced at the next club meeting.

Activities – Kevin recommended that we get MICC Car Show flyers to the April 15th Pekin Show at Avanti’s Dome. Mourina has them ready.

Website – Jim Gehrig is the designated owner of the website with his grandson Trey, to update the information and photos. Kevin asked if we have centralized documentation of all website ownership information and if there is a back-up for Trey. Jim has a new member, Sherie Hittinger, who is learning some of the procedures. Mourina and Jim can also make changes to some of the information. It was recommended that we have a centralized documented process in place for access and editing rights.

Governor – Sandy reported that the club has four remaining sanctions available for this year. Instead of bringing this up for discussion, Kevin gave Sandy authority to make the decision as to how those sanctions will be used. Unless Sandy has something specific to report at the monthly meeting she will not give a governors report. Her full report will be posted on the website and in the newsletter.

Membership – It was voted on by the board that we would not have another recruitment contest and award this year, but rather consider updating our business cards with the new website address and meeting start time and encourage all members to pass them out to prospective new members. Sandy will check into the pricing of new cards and also the static cling window decals that are put in new members’ packets.

Apparel – Mourina will be at a side table where apparel can be viewed and ordered. Apparel will not be discussed at meetings unless there is a new item, style, etc. The sale of coupon books, lanyards and wristbands will be at the side table also.

Newsletter – Mourina needs all information for the newsletter by the 25th of each month.

Review inventory of club assets – Kevin asked that the inventory list be updated and sent to the board members. We discussed the need for electronic data back-up and how it should be handled. Do we need external hard drives for this? Further discussion will follow on this procedure.

Potential new acquisitions – There was much discussion on how we could promote our club – signs that could be placed in windshields at car shows or events, banners that could be displayed, etc.  We need to check on pricing and possibilities. We did vote to purchase two new microphones at a total cost of $60 for use at meetings to make sure everyone could be heard.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Carls
MICC Secretary