Board Meeting Minutes for February 2017

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club
February 27, 2017
Board Members Meeting Minutes

Governor Sandy Arnold requested that the Board meet on Monday, February 27, at Panera’s on Knoxville to discuss some unresolved budget issues before the general club meeting in March. Sandy conducted the meeting in the absence of President Kevin Stremlau and called the meeting to order at 2:08. Those in attendance were: Vice-president David Bowles, Treasurer Mourina Sweet, Governor Sandy Arnold, and Secretary Marilyn Carls. Jim Gehrig, Activities Chairman, was available on speaker phone. Absent were President Kevin Stremlau and Membership Chairman Tracy Adamson.

Sandy had a recommendation for the budget process. She felt that the Treasurer should be responsible for setting up the budget instead of the President. She noted that club member Laurie Hanson has volunteered to help set it up.

Sandy also recommended that the club purchase a laptop computer, 7 thumb drives (one for each of the officers), a wireless mouse, a carrying bag for the computer, and an electronic bookkeeping program such as Quicken Business Program. The treasurer would be responsible for the computer. The electronic bookkeeping program would be used by the treasurer for checkbook tracking, inventory tracking, all related treasurers’ documentation, and all club information. Each officer would have the ability to update their information into the computer regularly. It was questioned whether we really need to spend member’s money on all of this equipment. Sandy felt that by purchasing all of the above it would keep all club information current and in a centralized location.

It had been brought up in our last board meeting to get pricing for new business cards with our correct information on them, and also get pricing on the static cling club decals for the new member packets. Sandy had gotten several different quotes to present to the membership.

Lastly, Sandy recommended that the board have quarterly budget meetings to discuss the finances of the club. She suggested that the board meet again before taking the final budget to the membership at the March meeting. If not, she doesn’t feel the budget is ready to present to the membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:18.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marilyn Carls
MICC Secretary