President’s Comments for August 2017

As our club grows, we are no longer a smaller car club, but one of the larger corvette clubs in the Midwest. Also as our club grows, it is exciting to meet and greet new members as they come in and share the excitement we have for our club.

The future success of our club is going to depend on a few things: a willingness to get along with each other and doing all the little (and big) things that keep a car club functional, which means getting involved and helping out. The not so fun stuff needs to get done. Don’t sit back and expect the officers to do everything. Get out and volunteer at events. If everyone does their part to help out, you will be amazed how much more smoothly things will go.

Everyone should consider taking a turn running for office, this way it won’t always be a select few leading the club year after year. Everyone should take a turn.

This being said, make sure you get out there and drive your corvette. I know I always smile a lot more when driving it!

Dave Bowles