July 4th West Peoria Parade

Fireworks—Flags—Fun and CANDY! And I mean a lot of candy. We had 11 Corvettes join in the July 4th West Peoria Parade this year to acknowledge the St. Jude Drive 2017. The lead car this year was Robyn and Lisa Jones with their white 2017 C7 Coupe which they had decorated (really Lisa did all the work with the decorations) in Red-White and Blue stars and decals. They even had patriotic music streaming from their car that was enjoyed by all.

We had sunny weather, many smiles and a lot of laughs. After the parade it has become tradition that we all go to the 50’s Diner at the Metro Center and enjoy lunch. We reminisce on these very special moments to celebrate OUR COUNTRY and this years parade. We are Blessed to live in this country…. Home of the FREE because of the BRAVE. Photos taken at the event were posted on July 14.

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