September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club
Membership Meeting
September 11, 2017



·        Introduction of Guests and Visitors – Michael & Susan Andresen from Westminster Village, Rod Wand (2017 Z06), and 2nd time visitor Ron Zimmerman. 76 members were in attendance.

·        Tonight’s Greeters – Dan Hittinger, Harry Sweet, Paul Boyd

Officer Reports

·        President – Dave Bowles – Dave acknowledged those who celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries in September.

·        Vice President – Rick Doro. No report.

·        Treasurer – Moe Sweet – A copy of the treasurer’s report with copies of checks written and deposits made circulated during the meeting for reference. This is a new way to present the report and we hope everyone likes it. Darlene Corrie made a motion to approve and George Taylor seconded. The treasurer’s report was approved.

·        Secretary – Sherie Hittinger – A motion received to approve the August 14, 2017 minutes by Roger Stone and seconded by Dee Taylor. The minutes were approved. There was a correction to the July minutes due to a miscommunication of the overall total donation to St. Jude’s. The correct amount is $7,361.40. A motion to accept the correction was received by Bruce Adamson and Mike Durham seconded. The correction was approved.

·        Governor – Sandy Arnold – The Roger Clancy Humanitarian Award is given annually to a NCCC member who has gone the extra mile.  Two of the three nominees for 2017 are from our club!  Congratulations to Gary Uftring and Connie Durham.  Deb Lindsey, Director of Sponsorship, Cowtown Vettes, Southwest Region, received the award.  Please view Sandy’s full Governor’s report as posted to the MICC website on September 13, 2017.

Standing Committee Reports

·        Membership – Tracy Adamson –Reminded us that our dues are DUE now and need to be paid by October 15 or a late fee will be applied by NCCC. Call Tracy to confirm membership amount at 309-263-7340.

·        Activities – Jim Gehrig –Lots of activities in the next month coming up.
9/14-17 Funfest (9/15 Robin attending, depart 7:30 am from Bob Evans, E. Peoria; 9/16 Dave B. with a departure between 9-10 am)
9/14 Harley Ride Send-off from Walters Brothers on Maxwell Rd. Be there early for parking; presentation at 6:30 am. Harry Sweet is the contact.
9/22 Elmwood High School has invited our club to their parade to drive their homecoming court in our convertibles. All Corvettes are invited. Call Jim Gehrig with your interest.
9/30 Westminister Village Car Show, guest speaker Susan Andresen, Director of Life Enrichment at WV, personally invited us to join their 350 residents for a mixed car show. All cars are welcome. Please come and fall in love with the residents and spend your day with them. Coordinators are Robin Jones & Jim Dunlap.
10/14 Drive & Dine to the Chanticleer in Eureka. Leave from Uftring at 4:15 pm and cruise to restaurant.
10/21 Hound &  Hare Rally with details to come at the October 9th meeting.
12/9 Annual Christmas Party. Mark your calendars. Two venues were presented: Opt 1 -A private room at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Peoria (no room cost and everyone will be on their own with no money collected in advance); Opt 2 -Timberlake Country Club off Farmington Rd., Rich Anderson is a member of their club (2-meat buffet, $20 per person + gratuity. Pay TCC directly). There was a vote taken and the Christmas Party will be held at Alexander’s. There is $400 budgeted for this event. Jim Ortiz would be interested in being our DJ for the evening.

·        Newsletter – Moe Sweet –need items for newsletter by 9/25.

Old Business

·        Nominating Committee – Peggy Karnes announced the following nominations. Connie thanked everyone she spoke with and for all who stepped up to serve on the 2017 MICC Board. Ballots need to be postmarked by October 15.

President:  Dave Bowles/  Steve Rees

Vice President:  Rick Doro/  Dan Hittinger/  Sue McMorris

Secretary:  Marilyn Carls

Treasurer:  Moe Sweet/  John Hanson

Activities:  Rich Anderson

Membership:  Tracy Adamson

Governor:  Sandy Arnold

·       At Vettes on the River (LeClaire, IA), MICC tied for the club with the largest number of Corvettes participating, and we received a really nice trophy. Steve Barton won a 1st place trophy for his C6, and Jim Lowry won the 50/50 drawing. It was a great day for all who attended.

·        Dining books – Sue McMorris –The profit ($10) from each book sold helps to subsidize our sponsorship of the St. Jude Drive, which is $1,000. The books are $30 each. There are 17 left and she can get more. We have collected $750 up to tonight’s meeting.

New Business

·        St. Jude Drive –John Haase – The Yeagers from Mid-America Corvette Designs in Effingham are leading a group for next year’s drive. Mid-America has developed a ‘round up’ program at point of sale to raise funds for St. Jude. Gary Uftring expressed his show of support and sponsorship by the Uftring Dealerships and the Mid-Illinois Corvette Club of the St. Jude Drive. Dave Bowles shared his personal affiliation with St. Jude.

·        9/23 St. Jude Walk/Run at Northwoods Community Church. Cost: $10 to walk 1 mile. Lots of activities beginning at 8:30 am for runners and 8:35 am for walkers. Drive your Corvettes. Sign up online. Brochures available on the table tonight or contact Connie Durham.

·        Rik Doro –thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers for his daughter Melissa.


·         50/50 winner –Winner of $74 is Mike Branham, and he donated his winnings to the Shoe Fund.

·         Corvette Trivia –Winner is Roger Kasky.

Respectfully submitted by Sherie Hittinger