June 14, 2021 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President, Steve Rees at 6:40 p.m. with 53 members at Uftrings in Washington, and 3 guests present (Tom Mullen, Torrance Sawyer, and Mike McMullen).

Currently there are 153 members and 89 households in the club.
This was Tom Mullen’s second participation with the Club, he was unanimously voted into the club. Robert and Dee Bockler were also voted in unanimously. Welcome to our newest members.


Treasurer’s Report
–Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Jim Redmond and seconded by Jack Mooberry, motion carried.

Secretary’s Report
Secretary’s Report is posted on the website (those without email are mailed a copy)
–Motion to accept by Marry Stone and seconded by Don Karnes, motion carried.

Governor’s Report
May 2020 Governor’s Report is located as a previous news on the website.

All events are on the website calendar. Rich usually sends a reminder email/invite before an event. Please continue to check the website.
-The West Peoria 4th of July Parade will not be held this year, but a group will meet at 10 am at the Fire Station that day to drive the route twice similar to year.
-Sandy Arnold needs people to work the Autocross on 8/28 & 8/29/21. 20 to 25 people are needed each day. Generally, 4hrs shifts. please call Sandy if you can work.

Member News

Steve Rees has resigned from the MICC Board and Lori Redmond becomes President, in accordance with the MICC Bylaws.

Peggy Karnes has retired from her job at ICC.

Old Business

-Club hats are in; $15 each.

-Three members have volunteered to be the Nominating Committee. Thank you -Peggy Karnes, Connie Durham, and Jody Lawrence.

This is your club!  There are many opportunities to volunteer (serving as a board member, leading an event, helping with one of our charities. The club would not exist without you.

New Business

The new Nominating Committee will be looking for Club Members to run or fill Board Member seats that are up for election this Fall. Those seats are Vice President, Treasurer, Membership, and Activities.

Webmaster Report
Please email any pictures you would like to have added to the website to Ed Lamoureux at ell@bradley.edu.
The website features new AND existing members as well as images with member cars. Ed also accepts images of events. Please indicate captions that identify members in the images whenever possible (just name them in the email. when you send the images).

Motion to adjourn by John Allen, seconded by Don Karnes at 7:40 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Secretary Jim Redmond

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