March 8, 2021 Virtual Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President, Steve Rees at 6:30 p.m. with 20 members online and no guests present. Currently there are 150 members and 83 households in the club.

Program: Gary Uftring and Joe Knapp talked and gave tips on what to check or look for when getting your car out of winter storage, make sure the battery is fully charged, tires are aired up rotate them if possible, they might have flat spots from setting give them a chance to warm up before driving too fast.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Sandy Arnold and seconded by Bruce Adamson.

Secretary’s Report: Secretary’s Report is posted on the website (those without email are mailed a copy. Motion to accept by Lori Redmond and seconded by Bruce Adamson

Governor’s Report: Governor’s Report is located on the website.

Activities: All events are on the website calendar. Rich usually sends a reminder email/invite before an event. Please continue to check the website!

Member Share: Larry Wood shared thoughts and photographs from a recent trip to the National Corvette Museum.  Thank you to Larry for the time and effort to share this interesting information.

Member news: Connie Durham is retiring after 40yrs of nursing, (congratulations). There is a Members Only page on the Website if you can’t get on it please try to get your information to a Board Member, and I will try to get it in the next Minutes. I know this is not a Newsletter, but I think most of us would like to know how the members are doing.

Old Business: From the survey, the vote was that The Club order new hats in the color of Black and Red. They will order 48 of them and they should be in by April 1st.

New Business: In the recent survey, 62% of those voting (24 of 39) wants to meet in person in April, and 65% (26 of 40) want the Car Show proceeds to go directly to St Jude.

Webmaster Report: Please email any pictures you would like to have added to the website to Ed Lamoureux at ell@bradley.edu. This includes new members AND existing members with new cars.

Remember, this is your club!  There are many opportunities to volunteer—from serving as a board member to leading an event to helping with one of our charities. This club wouldn’t exist without you.

Motion to adjourn by Jim Redmond and seconded by Sandy Arnold at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Secretary Jim Redmond

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