Meeting Minutes September 2020

September 14, 2020 Virtual Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President, Steve Rees at 6:30 p.m. with 26 members online and 1 guest present.   Currently there are 161 members and 94 households in the club.

Welcome new member Rob Meyer!  He was voted into the club at the meeting.  They have a 2020 Corvette.  Welcome!

Program:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  A detailed report was presented and accepted by the membership.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Rich Anderson and seconded by Tracy Adamson.

Secretary’s Report:  The Secretary’s Report was posted on the website.  Those without emails were mailed a copy of the reports.  A motion was made to accept the report as read by Peggy Karnes and Seconded by Jack Mooberry.

Governor’s Report:  Please see the report on the website. Still have the 2021 Convention in Cleveland OH on the schedule, most of the events cancelled for this year. The Auto Cross for next year is hopefully going to be August 28th & 29th 2021.

Activities:  All events are on the website mid-illinoiscorvetteclub.net Events.  Rich usually sends a reminder email/invite before an event.  Please check the website!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Winery trip. We will be doing the Fall Colors Drive on Oct. 18th, see the website for details

Anyone can arrange an Event, If you want guidance Rich will help you.

All of the Events that have taken place, have been successful and enjoyable.

The club continues to grow; there are many activities to participate in. 

New Business: 

Steve Rees presented information about the trailer, and the Board recommended to buy it and the Equipment for Auto Cross from Great River Corvette Club. Bob Picton made a motion to purchase it and  Jim Becker seconded it,  the motion was approved by the members present.

The Cost of the Trailer and Equipment was $1950.00. Thanks to Dan Gove and Jim Redmond who went to look at and assess it, they thought it was worth it. Thanks to Tom Stanesa who will store the trailer inside for The Club at no charge.

  • 2021 Proposed Board Members
    • President: Steve Rees
    • Vice President: Lori Redmond
    • Secretary: Jim Redmond
    • Treasurer: Lisa Jones
    • Governor: Sandy Arnold
    • Membership Director: Tracy Adamson
    • Activity Director: Rich Anderson

Old Business:  None

Remember, this is your club!  There are many opportunities to volunteer from serving as a board member to leading an event to helping with one of our charities. This club would not exist without you!

Thank You, John Haase for everything you have done for our Club & Members.

Membership Report:  Membership Dues are up for renewal to NCCC by November 1ST 2020, but Tracy needs your check by October 15th so she can process them.

  • Send payments to:
  • Tracy Adamson
  • 35 Columbine Street
  • Morton IL 61550

Make check out to MICC $71.00 for couples $61.00 for singles.

 Webmaster Report: Welcome Ed Lamoureux he is replacing Don Karnes who we want to thank for all the work he has done. We still need someone take over The Club Photographer. The new Website is up and running if any members have pictures, they want posted they need to send them to Ed at (ell@bradley.edu)                    

A motion to adjourn was made by Rich Anderson and seconded by Tracy Adamson at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by, Jim Redmond

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