“Members Only” pages and log in are currently off-line.

Due to an extra-ordinary number of “hacking” attacks, we’ve removed the “Members Only” section. That area contained members personal information, data that is ripe for identity-theft if it got loose. We shared a log on (id) and used an easy-to-crack password for that section, thereby risking loss. Software that we and Word Press (the site platform) use have kept the hackers from entering the admin side of the site. We are glad that they did not attempt to log on to the members side. Out of an abundance of caution, the board concurred with the webmaster’s recommendation to remove that section.

The most recent membership list was sent via-email. Lamoureux has advised the board to suspend the practice of mailing that document. He recommends a printed handout. Time will tell regarding that aspect.

Feel free to contact board members or Ed Lamoureux about these changes. We are happy to be able to protect your valuable data whenever possible.

For those of you who celebrate this weekend, blessed holiday weekend to you. Best wishes to all as well.

Be well
Edward Lee Lamoureux, webmaster.