Winterize & Storage

Rich A. suggests: Fill the tank w/gas to prevent condensation build up. Plug in my battery tender to keep the battery at full charge. Put the full winter cover on it, to protect from dust and accidental scratches.

Robin J. writes that “Hasse has told me for years 1. Have your oil changed before letting it set the for winter! 2. During storage don’t start and run then shut off!”

The corvetteforum.com ran a long article by Bradley Brownell in Dec, 2016. https://www.corvetteforum.com/articles/prepping-corvette-winter-part-1-storage/

Ed says “I drive the car (1986 coupe) unless there is ice or snow on the roads. It’s not really ‘stored’ long enough to make a lot of changes. Once the temperatures are under 45 or so, I have to run a couple of space heaters in the garage before I start the car, then run the car at idle (around 18 rpm) for a minute or two before it will idle smoothly enough to back it out of the garage. I change the oil and have the underside thoroughly cleaned before and after the winter.

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