Club History

Club History

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club was formed in 1993 by a group of Corvette enthusiasts (David Nye, Dale Nelson, Jerry Birmingham, Harry Sweet, Jerry Pippin, Rex McMorris, Nick Bruketta, and others), who wanted to share their love of the Corvette. Their first ideas were tossed around at an informal meeting at Timberlake Club of Peoria. As their ideas grew, the number of meetings increased and were held in meeting rooms at Uftring Chevrolet in Washington, IL. Finally, a social club for Corvette owners was formed. Gary Uftring has generously sponsored and supported Mid-Illinois Corvette Club since its inception.

The original state filings indicate that the first officers for the corporation to be known as “Mid-Illinois Corvette Club” were David Nye, Rodney Lewis, Jan Pippen, and Liz Riniker.

Original state filings indicate: The purposes for which the corporation is organized are: ‘The general purpose of the organization shall be to encourage and provide social activities for members, to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for Corvette enthusiasts and to encourage safe and skillful driving on public highways. The Mid-Illinois Corvette Club will comply with the state and local laws and ordinances relating to alcoholic liquors.’

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club started with 20 members and currently has over 180.

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