• EV Corvette on the way
    Mark Reuss on LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/posts/mark-reuss_some-time-ago-we-moved-the-corvette-team-activity-6924339252088463360-NVIL/ “Yes, in addition to the amazing new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and other gas-powered variants coming, we will offer an electrified and a fully electric, Ultium-based Corvette in the future. In fact, we will offer an electrified Corvette as early as next year. Details and names to come at a later date.”
  • “Members Only” pages and log in are currently off-line.
    Due to an extra-ordinary number of “hacking” attacks, we’ve removed the “Members Only” section. That area contained members personal information, data that is ripe for identity-theft if it got loose. We shared a log on (id) and used an easy-to-crack password for that section, thereby risking loss. Software that we and Word Press (the site […]
  • Webmaster: Send Images and Info to Ed Lamoureux
    Please submit information for the website to Ed Lamoureux <ell@bradley.edu>. Pictures of cars and of known locations need not include captions. Please include the names of people in the images that you send. For example, if there’s a drive-out to Knoxville and you send in a bunch of images, don’t worry about captions for images […]
  • Lands End Ordering Instructions
    http://business.landsend.com/store/MICC 1. Set up an account, your email address, and password 2. Sign in 3. Pick out item ( if the item is “promotional item” a large quantity is required) 4. Pick size, color, and quantity 5. Apply logo. Account number 6890725. Logo number 1615853. Cost for logo is $6.95 6. Mid Illinois Corvette Club […]

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