Webmaster: Send Images and Info to

Please submit images and information for the website to <francis_wayne@protonmail.com>.

Pictures of cars and of known locations need not include captions. Please include the names of people in the images that you send. For example, if there’s a drive-out to Knoxville and you send in a bunch of images, don’t worry about captions for images of cars or of the buildings/places in Knoxville. Jot a quick note in the email about where the club members went and about the event.

However, if you take images of people, please look at them and identify the people from left to right. I’ll add the captions on the website.

If the files are too many and/or too big for email, contact Ed and he will give you instructions for submitting large file sets.

You can write text notes right in email; you do not need to send a document. If you have a document/file to send, attach it to the email.

Be well. Peace